Steel Recycling

Being manufacturers of wire rod, hot rolled steel and other steel products in the steel industry, Capital Steel understands the huge impact steel recycling has on our economy and the environment.  Not only does steel recycling help preserve the Earth’s natural resources, it is valuable for individuals and businesses alike. We’ve put together a collection of steel recycling resources so you can learn the benefits steel recycling has on the environment, and all the ways it helps our economy and save businesses money.

Steel Recycling Facts

  • Steel is the most recycled product in North America.  More than paper, plastic, aluminum and glass combined!
  • Unlike other recycled products, steel does not lose durability or quality through the recycling process.
  • The amount of electricity that has been saved from steel recycling is enough to power the city of Los Angeles for almost a decade.
  • The Auto scrap recycling business has over $3.7 billion in sales annually, and employs more than 40,000 people.
  • Steel prices depend on the type of steel recycled, location, and day by day price fluctuations. Scrap steel prices can range from about $100 - $500 per metric ton.

Steel Recycling Search Engine

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Steel Recycling Facts

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